Our programs would not be possible without the generous contributions of compassionate animal lovers. We need your help! There are many ways to donate. Please help save an animal today.

Ways to Donate

Monthly Donations

Giving monthly allows you to have a greater impact on animal welfare. By becoming a monthly donor, you will help ensure that Pets Alive Niagara has reliable funds each month.

This steady source of contributions is critical to building and running the programs necessary to save lives. Select 'Donate Monthly' on the online donation form on the right to start your monthly contributions today. Or, download the monthly donations form.

One-Time Donations

One-time donations are greatly appreciated and help us to run the foster program and purchase supplies necessary to save the lives of dogs, cats & kittens in Niagara. Complete the online donation form on the right to donate TODAY!

You can also mail your donation to 4 Queen St. P.O. Box 1514, St. Catharines, ON, L2R 7J9, or drop off your donation at any of our events or meetings. If you would like more information please contact us.

Wish List Donations

There are some items that Pets Alive Niagara routinely requires to keep our animals happy and healthy. Your donation of any of these wish list items is much appreciated.

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Memorial Donations

A donation to Pets Alive Niagara in honour or in memory of a person is the perfect tribute to his or her devotion to our animal friends, and a donation in honour or in memory of an animal leaves a legacy of compassion by enabling the rescue and adoption of other companion animals in our community.

Pets Alive Niagara is pleased to acknowledge any tribute gift with a personalized card to the honouree or the family of the honouree. Complete the online donation form on the right to donate in memory of a beloved pet.

Animals Angels

By including Pets Alive Niagara in your legacy, you will ensure that we can establish long-term programs that will make this future a reality. Pets Alive Niagara honours these generous individuals as Animal Angels.

If you would like to become an Animal Angel, please speak with your lawyer about the necessary preparations. Everyone has the ability to create a legacy gift, and for most people, it is the largest gift they are able to make.

Gift Card Donations

Do you have a gift card that you will never use? We’ll take them off your hands for you! Pets Alive Niagara is a part of a program that allows us to take gift cards from ANY store and get gift cards for stores we like. This allows us to purchase supplies for our foster program. Please consider donating your unwanted gift cards to Pets Alive Niagara!

You can drop them off at any of our events / meetings or mail in your cards to:
4 Queen St.
P.O. Box 1514
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 7J9

Online Donation Form