Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our dedicated Board of Directors that make everything possible at Pets Alive Niagara.

Dr. Brad Davis

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    Dr. Davis is a professor of marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University. He has over 20 years of experience researching, advising and consulting with organizations across the full spectrum of the economy including dozens of non-profit organizations. Dr. Davis became the founding Chair of the only university program in Brand Communication and Management in Canada after spearheading a successful $2 million fundraising campaign to develop the program.

Ashley Briggs-Jude

Vice-President / Interim Secretary
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    Ashley Briggs-Jude has been a Corporate Travel Advisor with a national travel agency for the last twelve years and this has allowed her to go to different animal welfare agencies to volunteer in Canada, U.S. and Mexico, including spay and neuter clinics. 

    Ashley started fostering five years ago and loves every minute of it. Ashley was a "foster fail" with her one foster, Kira that she had fostered for six months. Kira came into Pets Alive Niagara scared of everything , made an amazing transformation and is now an amazing foster sister to new fosters.  Ashley enjoys fundraising and planning events for Pets Alive Niagara, as well as, assists with the dog operations part.

Maleeha Ali

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    Maleeha currently works for the Ontario Government with a history of providing consulting/assurance services.

    Experienced in audit, financial investigations, due diligence, fraud detection and prevention and assessing corporate governance. She has also previously volunteered as a treasurer for other organizations.

    Having rescued stray cats and dogs with her family in the past, this role brings both passion and skill together for Maleeha.

Aliyah Cimek

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    Aliyah is a student of Healthcare CAN's Health Information Management program. They also have a passion for rescuing animals, as they have 4 rescue cats of their own.

    At Pets Alive Niagara, Aliyah is the Cat Adoption Coordinator and assists Chelsey with the Cat Foster Program. They design all the adoptable profile graphics and write detailed biographies for each cat in our care.

    Aliyah is the type of person who cries at the thought of stray animals. They are always on the lookout for cats on the street to rescue or (at the very least) feed, and take the time to educate themself on feline nutrition and behaviour in an effort to provide the best assistance possible for both our fosters, as well as members of our community.

    Alongside being the youngest Board member here, they are also the Youth Representative for Pathstone Mental Health’s Board of Directors and sit on their Youth Advisory, Critical Risk Review, Evidence-Based, Governance, Accreditation, and Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Committees. Aliyah chairs the Youth Advisory Social Media Committee, as well. They volunteer at their local hospital and is the Lead of Graphic Design for Youth Empowering Youth, as well as a former Crisis Responder for Kids Help Phone. 

Megan Pasche

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    Megan works at a publishing company based out of Richmond Hill, where she does marketing and project management. She has been involved in animal rescue and welfare for over fifteen years now, and has volunteered at rescues/shelters in Utah, Mexico, Bahamas, New York and Niagara. She loves animals, especially her own two rescue cats, Murphy and Evan.

    Megan is very excited about being involved in Pets Alive Animal Rescue Niagara, and loves watching how the organization grows and evolves, continuously finding new ways to help animals in our community.

Mariana Pinto

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    Mariana works at a website company in St Catharines and have loved animals since she was a child. Her parents often tell the story of having to search for her at a friend's house - only to find her inside a dog house sharing her lollipop with her furry new-friend.

    Mariana was born in Brazil and moved to Canada in 2016 with her husband and Lola, her loyal companion.

    Mariana joined Pets Alive Niagara about 4 years ago with the goal of being able to help animals as much as she could. She loves to help with events, fundraisers, ideas or whatever she can - always with animal welfare in mind.

Chelsey Sneath

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    Chelsey is a Creative Resource Manager at a GTA-based design agency. A former longtime foster parent herself (with many foster fails) and Foster Program Coordinator, she is now focused on intake management and the future growth of Pets Alive Niagara. She and her husband are proud rescue parents to four senior kitties and a neighbourhood stray which they have claimed as theirs.

Ellen Went

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    Ellen is a Registered Nurse who works with young families, infants and children in Niagara. She is passionate about fundraising in an effort to support Pets Alive Niagara in their continued rescue efforts. Ellen and her husband, and son, have four kitties - Lucy, Tiffany, Winnie and Daphne, and a booming basset hound named Sadie.

Erica Wilson-Cooper

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    Erica works for the Ontario government and has been volunteering with Pets Alive Niagara for 3 years now. She and her two kids have 2 cats (both foster fails), a dog, a rescued bird and a rescued rabbit.

    Erica fosters cats of all ages and is also the Cat Medical Coordinator, being the liaison between our fosters and veterinarians, making sure our cats in care are receiving the care they deserve.

    Being a part of Pets Alive Niagara has been so rewarding for Erica and her family and their only regret is not joining sooner.

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