Available for Adoption: Morgan

Morgan’s fosters describe her as “the best,” and everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her would agree! Apply to meet her!


Female | 10 yrs | 50 lb | Husky

  • Good with adults? Yes
  • Good with kids? Yes
  • Good with dogs? Yes
  • Good with cats? Yes
  • House trained? Yes
  • Crate trained?  Yes
  • Energy Level? Medium
  • Barker? No


*** Please note that we are NOT accepting applications for the dogs listed as Coming Soon. These dogs have either yet to arrive or have only just recently arrived. Once their foster families get to know them a little better, a detailed bio outlining their personality and describing their ideal home will be posted and we will then begin accepting applications for them. ***

About Morgan

Morgan ticks all the boxes – she is friendly with all people and all pets, house trained, crate trained, and (shockingly for a husky) quiet! 

Morgan is a retired sled dog who was surrendered to us when her owner fell ill and their family realized that Morgan needed extensive veterinary care that was beyond their means. Morgan joined our rescue with a lump the size of a basketball on her flank; it was so large that she struggled to walk, and she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable as it seemed to grow by the day. We had planned to have the mass removed by a specialist, but as her health began to decline, our amazing local vets stepped up to perform the complex and lengthy surgery in their clinic instead. Two vets worked in tandem to remove it, and within five hours, they had freed Morgan of the cancerous lump that had been holding her back.

Morgan’s recovery was long, and she had to overcome a few hurdles that popped up along the way, but giving her the second chance that she needed has given her a whole new “leash” on life. Whereas Morgan once struggled to get comfortable, now her favourite sleeping position is on her back with her legs straight up in the air! Without an extra 14 pounds of tumour to carry around, she now has more energy to take for foster parents for long walks and delights in leading them all around the neighbourhood.

Morgan is a wonderful, spunky senior with beautiful blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room. Despite everything she’s been through, Morgan’s sparkle, sweet demeanour, and obsession with treats have endured! Other than a couple of small lumps to monitor, which are pretty common in older dogs, Morgan is currently in good health, and she would suit almost any home environment (although one without too many stairs would be best as her legs aren’t the strongest).

We are thrilled to begin the search for the perfect retirement home for Morgan that will shower her with all the love she deserves for the rest of her days!

Adoption Fee | $375

Adoption fees help cover the costs associated with rescues, such as vetting, boarding and transportation.
They also cover spay/neuter, heartworm testing and treatment (if necessary), rabies and DHLPP vaccines, and microchip. 
For more information about adoption fees, please review our Adoption FAQs & Fees page.

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