Applications Closed: Jack

Male | ~1 year(s) | DSH | Black and white, tuxedo
- People-friendly? Yes! Jack loves people.

- Child-friendly? Yes.

- Socialized with other animals? Only cats. Tolerance of dogs is unknown.

- Litter-trained? Yes.

- Fixed? Yes.

- Purrsonality in a few words?

“If you are looking for a cute playful guy – Jack is the one for you.”

– Tonya, Jack’s foster mom

- Any known medical conditions? No.

Jack, Adoptable Cat, Niagara

*** Please note that we are NOT accepting applications for the cats listed as Coming Soon. These cats have either yet to arrive or have only just recently arrived. Once their foster families get to know them a little better, a detailed bio outlining their personality and describing their ideal home will be posted and we will then begin accepting applications for them. ***

Meowllo there. My name is Jack! I am devilishly handsome; I have a diamond on my forehead to prove it!


I love to run, play and run. Did I say run? I’m very fast, so naturally my favorite game is chase!

None of the cats in my foster home can catch me, but I love when they try! When I finally get tired, I take a nap anywhere I can.. Then the cycle repeats.


My foster mom says I am full of beans, but I don’t think I have ever eaten beans. I do love to eat, though - usually kibble and treats suffice, but flies and moths that come in the house don’t stand a chance with me around. Again, I am very fast, so I have an advantage when it comes to hunting!


My purrfect home would have lots of room for me to show off my endurance and (ideally) someone to play chase with. I would prefer a 4-legged friend but any sized two-legged one will do, as long as you love to play like me.

Did you fall in love with me? I don’t blame you. You can apply for the position of my furrever home and companion below. 



Adoption Fee | $ 99

The feline adoption fees help cover the costs associated with rescuing, such as vetting, food, kitty litter and other expenses.

Prior to adoption, cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and given flea treatment. In short, they receive any necessary treatment. 

For more information about adoption fees, please review our Adoption FAQs & Fees page. alternatively, you can email us and communicate with our Adoption Coordinator:

Why We Love Fostering

  • There is a special joy in seeing the transformation from fear to trust in a foster cat’s face and posture, the first time they relax and warm up to me. There is so much comedy in a litter of crazy kittens, rollicking and tumbling, learning how to be big cats. Each foster kitty has been cared for as if they were my own, and I enjoy the confidence in the feeling that they are ready for their forever home. That is the biggest difference between choosing to adopt from a small rescue rather than a shelter, and why I love volunteering. People often ask me how I can be so strong to let such sweet kitties go to adoption, but the feeling that I have space to help another is worth the emotional goodbye. Penny is the twenty-first cat I have helped, and I am not going to stop anytime soon! Fostering for Pets Alive is by far the most rewarding volunteering I have ever done.
    - Britta

Why We Love Fostering

  • Fostering opens you up to helping so many incredible animals. The dogs we have fostered all had different personalities, needs and quirks. We remember them all fondly. We love fostering because it is more flexible than most people would imagine. We can decide when to take a dog (so family vacations are easy to plan), what size (under 70lbs for us) and PAN is amazing at matching us with dogs that fit our needs.
    - Cheryl & Debbie

Interested in Adopting Jack? Apply Below.

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We want to thank everyone who applied to adopt!  We have closed this application, but we do have other great pets looking for a forever home, click here to meet them!