Applications Closed: Moxie

Moxie is a spunky little cuddle bug looking for her forever home! 

Applications Closed

  • Female
  • 1 yr
  • 10 lbs
  • Chi/Pug mix
Moxie Adoptable Dog, Niagara

Applications Closed

Female | 1 yr | 10 lbs | Chi/Pug Mix

  • Good with adults? Yes
  • Good with kids? No
  • Good with dogs? Yes, with slow intros
  • Good with cats? Yes
  • House trained? Yes
  • Crate trained?  Yes
  • Energy Level? Medium
  • Barker? On occasion
Moxie, Adoptable Dog, Niagara

*** Please note that we are NOT accepting applications for the dogs listed as Coming Soon. These dogs have either yet to arrive or have only just recently arrived. Once their foster families get to know them a little better, a detailed bio outlining their personality and describing their ideal home will be posted and we will then begin accepting applications for them. ***

About Moxie

Moxie is a spunky little cuddle bug that gets excited to see her people. She gets along with cats, but needs a proper, slow introduction to dogs. Guards her food and toys, so no children, please! 

Needs time to warm up to new people. Once she knows you, she’s a total sweetheart! Enjoys her walks, but will need ongoing leash training as she’s a bit all over the place. This tiny girl can climb! A proper fence is required with no places to sneak out and she has managed to get on the kitchen counter! 

Adoption Fee | $500

Adoption fees help cover the costs associated with rescues, such as vetting, boarding and transportation.
They also cover spay/neuter, heartworm testing and treatment (if necessary), rabies and DHLPP vaccines, microchip, and one month of pet insurance prior to adoption.
For more information about adoption fees, please review our Adoption FAQs & Fees page.

Why We Love Fostering

  • I grew up in an apartment where no pets were allowed. When I met my husband, he had a beautiful boy cat named Webster. He was such a good boy, he was so sweet and always sat between my legs. I treated him like my own. I had never felt the unconditional love that he gave me. When he passed away, I decided I wanted to give my love to cats unconditionally. My husband and my daughter agreed to be a foster family for kitties who needed help. I can't imagine a life or a home without cats in it.
    - Heidi

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We want to thank everyone who applied to adopt! We have closed this application, but we do have other great pets looking for a forever home, click here to meet them!