Applications Closed: Carol

Carol is a super sweet, amazingly well behaved dog. She learns very quickly, and loves attention! 

Applications Closed

Female | 3 yrs | 42 lbs | Sheppard Mix

  • Good with adults? Yes
  • Good with kids? Yes, older children
  • Good with dogs? Yes
  • Good with cats? No
  • House trained? Yes
  • Crate trained?  Yes
  • Energy Level? Medium
  • Barker? No
Carol, Adoptable Dog, Niagara

*** Please note that we are NOT accepting applications for the dogs listed as Coming Soon. These dogs have either yet to arrive or have only just recently arrived. Once their foster families get to know them a little better, a detailed bio outlining their personality and describing their ideal home will be posted and we will then begin accepting applications for them. ***

About Carol

Carol is a super sweet, amazingly well behaved dog. She learns very quickly, and loves attention!

Carol is friendly with other dogs, but needs proper, slow introductions. She is nervous around new people and can get territorial of new people in her home. On walks she cautiously approaches new people and with patience warms up to them well. Older children are recommended. 

Carol loves her walks and you would never know she has a hip issue. She has excess bone growth on her femoral head, which could cause pain in the future. At this time she does not require any surgery or daily medications.

Carol is able to dictate her own exercise as well. However, she will likely develop osteoarthritis in her hip and she could need surgery down the road. Her adopter must be prepared to continue her care and monitor her exercise.

Trained to sleep in the crate at night. She doesn’t really like it during the day as she just wants to be with her people. She loves her toys and can be found tossing them around the house. When not playing she’s in her favourite dog bed, napping. 

Can pull on leash at times as she has a very high prey drive wanting to chase squirrels or cats. No small animals in the house preferred. 

A family that has someone home most of the time would be great as she does experience some separation anxiety. 

Adoption Fee | $500

Adoption fees help cover the costs associated with rescue, such as vetting, boarding, and transportation.

Prior to adoption, dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and 4Dx tested, and they receive any necessary treatment. After adoption, they are eligible for one month of free pet insurance.
For more information about adoption fees, please review our Adoption FAQs & Fees page.

Why We Love Fostering

  • Fostering is such a rewarding experience and works great for us as it is very flexible. We love seeing the difference in their personalities from day 1: from timid and nervous to a happy, healthy, better-socialized dog. It gives them time to decompress before going to their perfect home. Fostering enriches our lives knowing we are saving a life each time, and giving them a better life ahead. It warms the heart knowing you were part of this process.
    - Karen

Why We Love Fostering

  • It has been so lovely to have an animal with us again. We have noticed a boost to their mood. It is great to be able to open our door to an animal in need, it is very rewarding watching the kitty make progress with us and coming out of their shells. Pets Alive have been very helpful with any issues, and we never feel like we are alone if we need help.
    - Olivia

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We want to thank everyone who applied to adopt!  We have closed this application, but we do have other great pets looking for a forever home, click here to meet them!