In Loving Memory of Arnold

In Loving Memory of Arnold

Rescue is always tough, but this week broke our hearts. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Arnold, a wonderful, good boy who has been in our care for the past month.

About Arnold

Arnold came to us from Georgia about a month ago. He was a sweet, gentle dog with a very affectionate personality. He loved snuggling with his people, and especially loved being held like a baby.

Considering how tough his life was up until his rescue, the fact that he was so loving shows what a brave, trusting dog he was.

Before his rescue, Arnold was shot with a BB gun. He was initially expected to make a full recovery, but as time went on, the injury developed into an infection in his spinal cord and calcium buildup on several vertebrae, causing him immense pain.

Pain medication and antibiotics were not helping, and due to the amount of pain he was in, the vet ultimately recommended euthanasia. We made the very difficult decision to put an end to Arnold's suffering this week. He was held and loved till his last breath.

We would like to thank Arnold's fosters, Petro, Brennan, Colin, Owen, Ethan, Evan (Niagara), and Candace (Georgia) for taking such great care of him. Thanks to these compassionate individuals, Arnold's last months were filled with the love, attention and affection he so deserved.

- The Pets Alive Niagara Team