Meet Our Gold Sponsor: Bark Busters

Meet Our Gold Sponsor: Bark Busters

Bark Busters is an amazing dog training business based in Hamilton that has been supporting Pets Alive Niagara for many years. This year, Bark Busters was a Gold-level sponsor for our Pets Alive Online Auction

About Bark Busters

Bark Busters is the largest, and longest-running dog-training company in the world. They have been in operation for over 30 years, and provide dog training services worldwide! Our Gold Sponsors Michelle and her business partner Linda own and operate the Hamilton-Niagara territory

Michelle and Linda help people understand and educate their dogs. They work one-on-one with dog owners and their families, in their homes, to design a plan to live happily with their dogs. 

From puppies to adult dogs with serious behavioural issues, and from newbie owners to the highly experienced, Bark Busters can help everyone! 

The Bark Busters Approach to Training

The Bark Busters philosophy is simple: no dog is ‘untrainable’. It’s a matter of the right approach, and a committed owner. The Bark Busters team believes that the best way to teach a dog is:

  1. In their own environment where the behaviours are happening, and
  2. In their own language. 

Dogs communicate differently than people do. They use body language and vocalizations to express themselves in ways that aren't necessarily intuitive for humans. For this reason, an important component of the Bark Busters approach to training involves training the humans; teaching them to understand why their dogs do what they do, what it means, and how to communicate effectively with them. 

Once you are speaking the dog’s natural language, there’s no need to use treats or physical force. 

Since training your dog is a lifetime commitment, all Bark Busters training is covered under a lifetime guarantee. That means you always have a trainer with Bark Busters, for the lifetime of the dog – even if a new behaviour comes up.

Register Your Dog for Training with Bark Busters

Michelle and Linda are dedicated, passionate professionals with many years' experience between the two of them.

They take a compassionate, research-based approach to training, and we know you and your dog will be successful in their capable hands.


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Bark Busters Hamilton has implemented an individualized video conference dog training program. With this program, you and your dog get the quality training services that Bark Busters is known for, safely and from the comfort of your own home or backyard.

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Why Bark Busters Supports Pets Alive Niagara

Bark Busters has been supporting Pets Alive for years now. Community involvement is important to us. There are no dogs to train without the hard work of local rescues! I’ve met and worked with a few people in the organization, and I see all the work that goes into supporting needy animals through the year. I’m happy to be able to again!

- Michelle

Many thanks, Michelle and Linda! We're deeply grateful fo your generous sponsorship and continued support!