Adoptable Dog: Bruce

Bruce loves his humans and he is a big lap dog. Bruce walks well on a leash and loves to nap on the bed.

About Bruce

Bruce came to us from Kentucky where he was likely used as a hunting dog and may be abandoned once he was no longer able to hunt.

Bruce is currently in a foster home with 5 other dogs. Bruce has lived with 2 cats; when first introduced to them he was curious and would try to smell them. Over time he became acquainted and then ignored them. With new people, Bruce typically smells them and moves on, but will hang around if he is given rubs or attention. Bruce is very gentle and good with children.

Bruce becomes quite anxious when left alone. For this reason, he needs a household where someone will always be home, or who can find someone to watch him when they are not. Bruce is currently on CBD oil which helps with his anxiety. He is also fearful of thunderstorms and loud noises.

Bruce is house trained; however, he will mark if left alone too long. Typically, he does not pull on a leash; however, like a hound, he will if there is a scent he wants to follow. Bruce is a more assertive dog with a higher energy level, so he would be best with someone who can provide physical exercise and mental stimulation on a regular basis.

Bruce has a high prey drive. Because of this, he can never be off-leash. His prey drive is so high that he will try to get out of a yard to chase a scent, so any yards must be securely fenced.

Bruce’s best environment would be with someone that has advanced experience with dogs, access to a fenced-in backyard, and can be with him throughout the day.

Being a typical Tree Walker Coonhound, Bruce is alert, intelligent, has high energy and endurance, is courteous, stubborn, sensitive, with an extremely high prey drive and a strong desire to follow a scent.

Forever Home Needed

  • Male
  • Tree Walker Coonhound
  • 7-8yrs
  • 75lbs
  • Good with dogs, cats, and children

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