Skipper's Adoption Story

Dog mom Alexe Lowes describes her experience adopting her dog Skipper through Pets Alive Niagara.

'We recently adopted Skipper from Pets Alive Niagara and could not be happier with the newest addition to our family!! He is an absolute sweetheart!

Pets Alive Niagara was very responsive to our application and while the adoption process is thorough, it shows how much they truly care for these animals and ensures they find the best fit for each family and pet.

You can truly feel the passion and dedication the volunteers and foster family's have towards giving these animals a second chance at a wonderful life.

Overall we had an awesome experience with Pets Alive Niagara and if you are considering adopting (which I strongly urge you do!) I would definitely recommend Pets Alive Niagara.

Thank you so much for bringing Skipper into our lives!'

Thank you for welcoming Skipper into your family, Alexe! It's people like you who make what we do possible.