The Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

If you are considering adopting a new pet, here are a few really great reasons to consider adopting an older cat or dog.

Good Manners Are Included

In many cases, older dogs come with good manners. Unlike puppies, who need to be trained from scratch, mature dogs have spent years living among people, and have therefore often already been socialized to life with humans. They are usually already house trained, and may have had some obedience training already too, so they’ll often know at least the basic commands Sit, Stay, and Down. In addition, senior or mature pets are usually less destructive than kittens or puppies, so you likely won’t have to worry about putting your favourite shoes or house plant out of reach!

What You See is What You Get

When you adopt a senior or mature pet, there are no surprises. You’ll already know exactly how big you new pet will be, the colour of her coat, and whether the hips/joints are healthy. Senior pets come with their own history, and in many ways, this makes their future more predictable than.

Old Dogs (and Cats!) Can Learn New Tricks

Despite the old saying, you can in fact an old dog new tricks! And while cats are a little trickier to train, they can learn, too. Adult dogs and cats are better able to focus on training, and are more attentive than puppies or kittens.

You can “Custom Order” Your Senior Pet

This kind of goes with point two. If you want a short-haired cat, for instance, or one without a history of dental problems, you can find a mature pet with exactly those attributes. If you already have a pet, and need your new pet to get along well with them, you can seek out an older pet who is known to be friendly with other animals.

Seniors Are Great Companions for Other Seniors

If you happen to be a senior yourself, you may find that a lower energy, relaxed dog or cat is easier to manage than a frisky and rambunctious puppy or kitten.

Their Gratitude is Rewarding

Adopted senior pets seem to instinctively know how fortunate they are to have you. Senior pets show just seem to show level of attention and devotion that is not as common in younger animals. There are so many truly wonderful senior pets out there who deserve a good home in which to live out their golden years.

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Jade & Becky

Jade & Becky