Clementine & Bernie

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Clementine & Bernie's applications are closed.

Clementine & Bernie

Bernie: Male | 7 years | 10 lbs |Terrier Cross
Clementine: Female | 2 years | 10 lbs | Terrier Cross

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About Clementine & Bernie 

Bernie and Clementine have been through a lot together, from being rescued from a hoarding situation to traveling all the way to Canada and being in a whole new place together. These two arrived understandably traumatized and untrusting of humans but are making strides every day on their path to knowing and accepting love and affection from people.

They are also discovering they can trust other dogs once they get to know them. They are scared of new dogs at first and will bark and growl, but once they get to know them and are comfortable, they try to get their new friend to join them for play time.

They both really love treats and will approach and gently take them from their human. Bernie and Clementine also love playing together – chasing each other around the yard and wrestling in the living room! They find great comfort in one another and can often be found curled up together for a nap, or licking each others faces – they are truly two peas in a pod.

They are still learning to accept pets from humans, and how to be comfortable and relax near humans – but they are learning to trust more and more each day. They have even started following their foster around the house. They will bark at new people and not allow people to get too close to them, however they are growing in their confidence with this, and have started playing more when a new person is in the house with them.

Bernie and Clementine are doing very well with their potty training. They still have occasional accidents, but they know where to go to tell their human they need to go outside and are getting into a great routine that is proving successful.

They are also doing very well with crate training and will go into their crate for the night with very little coaxing and then sleep quietly through the night. They have not started working on their leash training yet but will get there with time and patience.

Bernie and Clementine are not big fans of cats and tend to want to chase them. They love tug toys and chew toys like nyla bones. They are excellent little chewers so some redirection towards toys is needed so they don’t pick up the wrong things to chew.

They are also working on their manners in the kitchen as their love of food has them up on their hind legs to see what is available to sneak off of the counters – fortunately their little legs don’t let them get very far with this. They respond well to gentle verbal correction.

Because these two are still so timid around people they are a flight risk. They will look for any opportunity to escape purely out of fear.

Bernie and Clementine are looking for experienced dog owners with big hearts and loads of patience that can give these two the time and love that they need to continue building their trust and become the dogs that they were always meant to be.

Adoption Fee | $800

Adoption fees help cover the costs associated with rescues, such as vetting, boarding and transportation.
They also cover spay/neuter, heartworm testing and treatment (if necessary), rabies and DHLPP vaccines, and microchip. 
For more information about adoption fees, please review our Adoption FAQs & Fees page.

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